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The cryptogram and the safe:

Each letter here represents a number up to 26. So solving the cryptogram code gets this:

15 14 05 06 15 21 18 26 05 18 15



answer: 140


The riddle in LH46:

Tens digit is 5 more then the ones. Hundreds digit is 8 less then tens.

(Hundreds) (Tens) (Ones)

Narrowing this down:

Its simple if you consider the third sentence. If your hundreds is 8 less then your ones digit there is only one possibility for a 3 digit number. Your hundreds MUST be 1 and tens MUST be 9.

answer: 194


The machine in the basement:

The code to the machine is scrawled into the wall in the next room in the basement.The code says:

  1. Entrance
  2. LH46
  3. Doorway to 1408

To break this code you need to find the NOTES in each of the above locations. On the bottom of each note is written a number. (see below)


answer: 638


The two doors:

Each door requires a code. If you read the bottom numebrs between the doors it says:

1 + 4 + 0 + 8

Which gives 13. So the answer for the left door = 13.

In the bathroom through the left door we find this note in the toilet.

Its a hidden code. Can you read it backwards?

enin xis xis

six six nine

So this is the code for the door on the right.

answer = 669

Here we enter the final room. The laptop will ask for a password.

The password is hidden in the lamp to the left of the laptop.

When you click on the lamp you get a message that says "5URR3ND3R"

If you replace the 5 with S and the 3 with E you get "SURRENDERS"

answer: surrenders

dont forget to use lowercase

Thanks for playing everyone.

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